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We live in a world where technology develops at light speed and is becoming increasingly personalized. Mobile phones have become more compact and SMART as they become tailored to our needs. Design and Technology have the power to revolutionize how we help others whether it is designing genetically modified plants to grow in arid conditions to solve world hunger, or filtering systems to eradicate waste in freshwater systems. At Branksome Hall Asia, our students participate in extensive design and technology studies, which they apply to solve global issues within our curricular interdisciplinary units and service projects. We believe that technology should not only shape our world but help to make it better.

Case Study 1 - HUE Design Club

The HUE Design Club was established by a group of BHA students to provide design support to the BHA community and encourage artistic spirit through the creation of logos, posters, advertisements, and other design products. This year, the HUE Club has collaborated with the school marketing team to promote the inaugural Branksome Hall Asia Service Fair by designing the Service Fair logo, poster, website, guest speaker invitation card, school tree decoration, school calendar, and school souvenir. The HUE club members work closely together to meet this technical need within our school community and do an excellent job.

Case Study 2 - Paradigm Club

The Paradigm Club was set up by a group of our students "To convert Non - daily Engineering to Daily Engineering based on literary understanding and love for humanity". The group focussed on designing and building an RF security necklace for women in remote areas of Nepal, then carried out a service project to Nepal. The Paradigm club is currently working on designing and building a recycle center in Philippolis, South Africa, which will clean up the environment and provide sustainable jobs for the families because 78% adults are unemployed and the majority of families live in extreme poverty i.e. on less than $1.25 per day.

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Case Study 3 - Enabling the Future Club

This student-led service group produced prosthetic hands, using 3D printing, for children in need due to war, crisis and national disaster as part of the worldwide organization “Enabling the Future”.

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