How to Enter

If you would like to attend the service fair and present your Service project please apply here. Applications close on Friday 27th March 2020 at 5 pm.


To be eligible for entry you must:

  1. Be a student in Middle School or Senior School OR Be a parent group with members who are parents of Middle School or Senior

  2. Your Service project or initiative should be current or have been completed within the last year.


Junior School students are welcome to present their service projects at the Service Fair this year but will not be entered in the contest stage. A new, Junior School, student category will be added in the 2021 Service Fair. 


You will need to decide which category you would like to enter and select this when you apply. Your presentation should be in the form of a poster, with the following specifications:

  • Poster size - AO maximum

  • Poster materials - Produced using sustainable materials

  • Poster style - Visually engaging, clear and in English

  • Your poster should also state your name, and your school’s name


Each category will be assessed by a panel of NGOs and Faculty who work within that area of Service. The criteria that will be used to assess each poster is as follows:

  1. Evidence of organized and sustained communication with stakeholders

  2. Evidence of the use of SMART and ethical programming

  3. Evidence that the project design delivers sustainable outcomes.

  4. Evidence of reflection before, during and after project including evaluation of impact

  5. Evidence of sustainable plans for development of the project beyond the current year

The winners of each category, as well as the overall winner and runner-up, will be announced at the end of the fair



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