Environmental Protection

One of the main challenges that we face as a global community is climate change. The development of our society and its systems has come at a cost to the environment we live in and the other organisms that live in it with us. At Branksome Hall Asia we believe that all members of society should have a duty to be environmental stewards of the earth and all its inhabitants. This category explores and celebrates the different ways that young people in South Korea are leading this movement.

Case Study 1 - MOBA

The senior school members of project MOBA first started scuba diving as a leisure time activity. However, as they learnt more about the ocean and experienced the pleasure of exploring it, their attitudes towards scuba diving changed. Their experience became more than scuba diving and exploring the underworld for fun. Our students wanted to share this breathtaking view with others but became very aware of the microplastics and toxic chemicals in the ocean and the devastating effects this is having on marine life. Therefore, Project MOBA was formed to sustain the ocean and Make Ocean Blue Again. The team has campaigned to raise awareness and produced goods to sell in order to fundraise support for the cause.

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Case Study 2 - Greensome Hall Asia

Greensome Hall Asia was established by our students who are very passionate about making our school into an eco-school. In particular, they have chosen to focus on eliminating single-use plastic, reducing food waste and how to improve our school site. The team has raised awareness about the plastic issue on campus by producing a piece of protest art made out of the cups used in a week. They have followed this by campaigning for changes in school policy regarding the use of single-use plastic in the school cafe and negotiated a deal to promote the use of reusable mugs. Next step, food waste and changing our school policy on food procurement to ensure that we buy local thus lowering our carbon footprint.

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Case Study 3 - SWAP (Student Wild Animal Protectors)

In SWAP, our BHA students research and discover animal rights and speciesism, especially wild animals and promote animal protectionism within our BHA and Jeju communities. Following this, the group has planned and carried out multiple kinds of voluntary work to promote animal protectionism through action, such as volunteering at an animal shelter and fundraising the provide essential provisions for the animals.

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