Activism involves the action of campaigning to raise awareness on an issue, in order to bring about the political or social changes needed or desired. Sometimes we need to shed light on issues and situations before they will change e.g. #MeToo movement. As a school for girls, Branksome Hall Asia is very passionate about empowering girls and some of our service groups are led by students who have chosen to be actively engaged in raising awareness about gender inequalities and promoting the self-esteem of women and girls. Other groups raise awareness of different cultures and Human Rights.

Case Study 1 - Wake the Women in the World (WWW)

Our WWW group started as Wake the Women in Branksome club (WWB), which was established to empower women and encourage BHA students to think critically about gender and representation. As a girls only school in South Korea, Branksome Hall Asia values the empowerment of women and encourages our students to get involved with these issues. Through WWB, and subsequently WWW, our Branksome community have been provoked to question gender issues within our school, and wider culture in the world. The team has recently traveled to Busan to work with young girls in an orphanage using their own book entitled ‘Love Yourself’., which encourages girls to understand that their value goes deeper than their physical appearance.

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Case Study 2 - Forget-me-Not

Forget-Me-Not is a group initiated by Branksome Hall Asia students, to correct the misunderstanding of the historical facts and to raise awareness of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, within the Branksome community. The ultimate goal of the group is to ensure that we do not ignore or forget the truth that is often perverted by the political and diplomatic disputes. Starting from in BHA community, the group aims to spread its message within the international society in order to effect change. They have begun by publishing their book about the history of military sexual slavery by Japan, entitled ‘Forget-Me-Not’.

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Case Study 3 - Eoulim Project

Living in harmony as a community on Jeju island requires making connections through our assets. At Branksome Hall Asia art and music (assets) are lending themselves to many different manifestations of student-initiated service activities. The needs (debits) of marginalized communities around us indicate that we have the social potential to maintain the balance and promote harmony.


One project that has developed over the years is: 

“The Euolim (Harmony) Project” which supports marginalized communities on the island to experience the Arts within a range of mediums (music, art, and language). Through various current initiatives, students are empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to give back to the community.  Current Initiatives and partners that fall under this project are: Muselpo children’s center,  Daehwa community center (GreenNarae),  Angel House, Art Murals in the Andeok Miyeon village, Jenam Children’s center, Doeksu Elementary School and Good Neighbors in Jeju-si.


The project continues to build and develop partnerships with various schools and welfare centers on the island.

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